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 A Fabulous Joint Venture...
specifically for your, the
Spirit-led, Divinely-Guided Entrepreneur!

Here's a perfect opportunity to grow your
opt-in list quickly and easily!

Let US do all the work for you while you relax
and watch your list grow and grow!

 Join us for this Invite-Only Joint Venture Giveaway that will help you
grow your targeted email list and
get you in front of your ideal prospective clients,
easily and effortlessly!

Giveaway Dates:

Monday March 04th 2019 @ 10:00:00 AM EST

Sunday March 31st 2019 @ 11:59:00 PM EDT




Hey there, Divine One,

If you've ever dreamed of having a big list of loyal subscribers, people who are intrigued enough to say "Yes!" (and even pull out their credit card!) when you send them an offer, then you're in the right place!

Hi, this is Rev. Anne Presuel and Rev. Sherry Bowers. We have joined forces with your friend , and invite you to be part of a fabulous joint venture...something completely unique...that will to add fresh prospects to your list quickly! 

This is an invite-only deal, and when it's all done and over with, you are going to possess a fabulous opt-in email list with many new interested and curious prospects.

  • Imagine... checking your email every day and finding wonderful offers from top spiritual entrepreneurs who want to do joint ventures with you because of your visibility!
  • Imagine... being able to connect with and inspire dozens of potential clients just by sending a simple email to let your list know that you have a new product or service available for them to use.
  • Imagine... putting a gift offer out to your list, and then waking up the next morning and discovering you attracted wonderful new people on your list, ready to learn more about what you have to offer!

That's what this invitation is all about.

We have created this extraordinary joint venture - only for spiritual entrepreneurs - that is going to help you:

  • grow your email list quickly and easily;

  • get in front of your target audience, so they can learn all about how fantastic you are;

  • gain visibility, so people know you, like you and trust you (remember that's the reason people hire you!);

  • be seen as the expert in your field, so you get new opportunities and offers; and

  • make fabulous new connections!
You will be delighted when you see how easy it's going to be for you to participate. So easy, that we do almost all the work for you!
And the best part is...
It will only take you ten minutes - that's it!

You only have to spend about 10 minutes sending a quick email to your list and offer them a simple "thank you gift" for being one of your subscribers. That's it. That's all you have to do.

By doing this you will guarantee your subscribers are totally satisfied because you're giving them something very valuable as a free gift (which will ensure that they remain loyal, and interested in hearing what you have to offer them when they receive your future emails)!



"I loved participating in Anne & Sherry's JV Giveaway, and was really pleased when my list grew by about 400 people!

I'm a pretty savvy internet marketer (and an intuitive), and I found that this was a fast an easy way to build my list.

I'll definitely participate in any of their giveaways from now on!"


Donna Ward



Anne and Sherry, thank you! I just listened to the recording of the Q & A call and I want to take my hat off to both of you. What an incredible job you are doing and I know it's been heroic.

I have been part of major giveaways before and have never had anything like the support, care, and hand-holding you are offering.  And despite  a very complex system, you retained your sense of humor - beautifully. You are both super-awesome!


Tomar Levine

As a creative person steeped in spirituality this Giveaway felt like it was made just for me and my audiences. It was easy to promote because it felt in complete alignment with my community. Several of my colleagues joined in and offered their own gifts.

My two gifts were a perfect match for people who came to the site. I know because my list grew by at least 150 subscribers. These are now people I send my ezine out to, my offerings and I invite them to upcoming performances of my one-woman show.

Thanks for making it such a graceful and joy-filled experience and for all the support along the way.

Brenda Adelman


Brenda Adelman
Solo-Show Mentor, Life Story Guide & Award-Winning Actor


My intention behind this JVP was to make connections, create impressions by gaining visibility, build up my mailing list, launch my website and live my purpose!

What happened was fabulous! As a result of the JV promotion, I…

  • made a ton of meaningful connections, which
  • inspired projects for 2015,
  • got a number of qualified applications for my podcast,
  • extended my podcast into the itunes market,
  • launched "How to Market Yourself (and Your Purpose) Authentically” via Udemy,
  • built my list piece by piece - slow and steady,
  • Launched my first book on Kindle,
  • Practiced boldness and courage everyday, and
  • Started hosting live events!

Thank you, Anne & Sherry!



Magdalena Wiktoria Zukowski


If you are thinking of joining this joint venture giveaway, I would highly recommend that you do!

As a result of Anne and Sherry’s assistance, I was lead patiently step-by-step through the whole process. This was wonderful, as what could have been completely overwhelming was made easy and fun.

Anne and Sherry are extremely generous, helpful and down to earth. They provided instructions for all aspects of the giveaway process from the technical to the emotional blocks.

As a result, I was able to create a fantastic free gift, increase my list substantially and meet many wonderful heart-centered people. You will be so glad that you took the plunge, go for it!



Sharon Bosmoore


So How Exactly Does This JV Work?

All you have to do is send a couple pre-written, short promos to your subscribers telling them about this joint venture, Divinely Connected Biz, and let them know that they can get their hands on tons of meditations, ebooks and other fabulous gifts that will support your Divine business just by signing up to get those gifts with their name and email.

The emails are beautifully and respectfully written by skilled copywriters.  You don't have to write the emails yourself, although yes, please, edit them.  Your people love hearing the invitation directly from you - in your words.

This is a win/win deal...

  • Your subscribers win, because they get a bunch of fabulous gifts for free.

  • You win, because you get a bunch of fresh new subscribers who are interested in you and your products and services!

You know that as you build your Divinely-guided business, the connection with your list is essential. You also know that as you build your spiritual business, having a strong, healthy list is essential to the health and wealth of your business.


When you team up with us, you get the chance to
build your list
with wonderful potential clients and customers.
Quickly. And Easily.


Imagine Getting Six Months' Worth
of List Growth in Just Days!

  Even for a new list builder, this is what is possible...


"Participating in Anne and Sherry’s JV giveaway was an amazing experience! I wrote a book for the giveaway in about 2 weeks...something I never thought was possible, and my email list grew from about 20 to 75! (For a beginning list-builder, that was so exciting!)

I connected with other JVG partners, which was really great, and as a result, was interviewed by one of them on her podcast. Last, but not least, I got a bunch of new likes on my Facebook fan page!

All in all, it was a wonderful experience, and I’m so glad I did it.I’ll definitely do it again!


Marisa Ferrera
Relationship Coach



I really wanted to thank Anne & Sherry (and team) for working so hard in bringing the JV giveaway into being, and for supporting us in the private group they provided.

When I looked at what I have created in this month: four new products, one new program, a new website and a new welcome video, I am so happy and very proud of myself! In addition, I grew my email list, doubled my Facebook fan page fans, and connected with some really amazing people! I lived my dream to speak at a live event with women (and got new subscribers from that, too)!

I got inspired to organize a telesummit, I've gotten booked for interviews, I'll be the guest of a podcast, I'll contribute to the launch of a new program, and I’m participating in another JV ... and a lot more is going to come.
I gained confidence in myself, and learned about technology (which has helped me in so many ways).
Doing the JV brought me forward and pushed me spiritually to get my gifts out of my medicine bag and evolve together with the products I offer - more than what I imagined!
I think this was the best choice I made in the last year and a half for myself and my biz! Looking back at all this ... w-h-a-t- a- m-o-n-t-h!!!!!!
I am holding in my heart a huge THANK YOU, actually I give it to you!!
Much love xxx


Doula Silvia Camerini

I got so many unseen things from participating in the JV Giveaway with Anne & Sherry. Oh, my goodness. Where to start?

I *finally* created my free offer (my ebook, The Map of Your Life), including outsourcing the formatting to Fiverr.

I set up Google Analytics on my site along with different landing pages.

I restructured my MailChimp account (including upgrading) so that I can do autoresponders and track where people sign up on my list and send different campaigns to different segments.

I was interviewed on a fellow JV partner’s podcast, and have scheduled an invitation to do another partner’s podcast in a couple of months!

Another JV partner gifted me with a ticket to an event, which opened up a whole new vision of how I want to develop my business model that has public speaking as a far more integral core than I'd previously envisioned.

My list grew from 14 to 60 people (!), and I set things up to start sending emails out regularly to them. I was delighted that, even without a "real” mailing list, I was able to share the promotion individually and via Facebook so that I sent a few people to the giveaway.

And, last but not least, I am delighted by the number of new Facebook friends I have connected with through this wonderful event and opportunity.

Thank you so much!



Rachel S. Heslin

When you work with us in the Divinely Connected Biz JV Giveaway, you cut your list-building time right in half and whiz right past others who just weren't ready to play!  (And they'll probably be looking on with more than a little bit of envy.)  ;-)

Okay Anne, Sherry and , I'm READY to get started...


What Do I Do First?

Go ahead and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. You'll be taken to a special page where you can enter a quick description of your product (just takes just a few moments), and then you'll be given instant access to all the promotional tools and pre-written email promos.

Don't miss out on your chance to work directly with some of the biggest names in the Spiritual Entrepreneurial field!  (Think of the connections you'll make!)

Fill out the form now, while it's fresh in your mind. We expect that the available slots will fill very quickly! You can guarantee that you'll be accepted into this JV if you fill out the form and get started right now.


Divine hugs,

Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business

Sherry Bowers
Your Intuitively Connected™ Online Guide




P.S.  Get signed up right now, right after you're done reading this paragraph.  There's no risk to you, and therefore no reason at all not to jump in on this fabulous JV giveaway with all of us; the opportunity to JV with this group of spiritual entrepreneurs  will never be offered again! 

This opportunity to connect with these JV partners and
with your prospective clients will never be the same.

So don't let this chance slip by!  Go ahead and fill out the form below, and get ready for one of the Biggest Spiritual JV Events of the Year!


JV Partner Rules


Rule #1:

You MUST Promote the giveaway.
We have coded in Tracking Stats to ensure ALL JV Partners are promoting.
If you do not have any unique hits to your promotion URL after the giveaway launches,
your JV account will be downgraded and your gift will be removed.

Rule #2:
Obey Rule #1

Rule #3:

Here's just a sample of the internet marketers you'll be joining in this event:

 Rev. Anne Presuel            Sherry Bowers  

DaKara Kies

Anne Gordon

Debbie Emerson

Ruth Bowers

Ron Carlson

Natalie Tolliday

Rosina S Khan

Terry Wildemann

Gillian Hood

Mary Silver

Katrine Horn

Peppino Valentino Be

Tianna Conte

Annie Price

Faith M Davis


Gizelle Hamilton

Theresa Fowler

Jennifer Smith

Tricia Dycka
...Plus more.

(IMPORTANT: Gmail.com email users have been experiencing problems receiving their login information. This is due to Gmail’s screening of incoming email. We do not recommend using a Gmail.com account to register for this event. However, if you do have any problems logging in, please contact Sherry at ConnectedSpirit dot com. She will send you your login information via personal email.)



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